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Default How a Gun Club Owner Got FREE GUNS FOR LIFE by Price Shopping

Happy New Year,

While helping the owner of a Health Club he told me how he Boosted
profits at his Gun Club next door.

Al discovered he he could double membership every year by mailing 10 FREE
Passes for 60 days of Gun Club Membership - to all his current members
on Xmas. (They bring all their deer hunter friends.)


When he contacted COLT and SMITH & WESSON, Sig Sauer, Baretta, Glock,
Ruger gun Manufacturing companies - Al ASKED for help from each.


He wanted help figuring out which guns he should stock for use on his firing
range - based on Popularity.

How fast each would wear out.

How he might sell guns to his fast growing membership. (Including 100's
of men and women At all nearby Police Departments in Pennsylvania.)

Expansion Plans.

3-D Interactive Systems instead of Bullseye targets.

In ONE You pull up behind a speeding car. They pull over. The driver gets
out and comes back toward your Cop Car.

What do you do when they pull a gun?


Colt wanted the Influence and Sales Business So Badly they made a Special
Deal with Al.

FREE GUNS For the Life of his Gun Club.

When a rental gun wears out. Colt Replaces it for Free.

Pretty Cool.

Al can Beat all other Gun Club Prices because he doesn't p ay for guns!

Glenn Osborn
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