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Default Re: Persistence & Great business lessons, Well worth Applying & Thinking about! ...

Originally Posted by Phil View Post Update: Domain Hijacker Arrested In International Website Fraud...
Hi Phil,

Thanks for sharing that... Definitely a case study in persistence!

It's also a lesson in doing your best to protect yourself and prepare for "bad stuff" which can happen... Sometimes bad things will happen. For example, I think I remember reading he didn't have an offsite copy of his membership database, which is something he could have done to be prepared "just in case" (so he could at least contact his members if something went wrong with the website, not only in being "hijacked" but other things as well).

I think it's very important to think of all the things that could realistically go wrong - then prepare for that before it happens.

Of course, backing up your data is one of the first things you should do, if you have any important data at all...

(Which reminds me - it's time to back up my websites again, to be on the safe side!)

Best wishes,

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