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Default Perceived value

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Well, let me ask you this. Most of what I am seeing is the old sand, wipe, buff type of cleaning. This is labor intensive and messy. While I do see some of the better, easier wipe and seal, it appears the sanding is still the most popular. Am I wrong?

IF the dealers or customers see you simply wipe on and wipe off, they feel you haven't worked for the money. Yes, the headlight got cleaned, but the perception is what allows one to charge more.

Bud Riggs perfected the 3 minute job, but, at the end, he went back to sanding, tripled his price (60 bux) and had no drop in demand.

Also, it is presentation and knowledge of the different types of plastics and how they were treated, so, you could clean a headlight, but, to RESTORE it, then sanding is done.

But, you test your market. I wouldn't do dealers in my area, prefer a little biz card on the parked vehicle and a phone call.

And, as posted above, very few people actively want this, but if you bring it to their attention, then you get jobs.

Wipe on wipe off chemicals could also permanently streak the plastic if it has even the smallest of chips or stonemarks.

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