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Dien Rice
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Default What are the qualities needed to succeed as an entrepreneur? Women and men respond....

This is a fascinating study of women entrepreneurs....

Here's one of the results I found fascinating.... Do you have the qualitied needed to be a successful entrepreneur -- according to other entrepreneurs?

Here are the qualities *both* female and male entrepreneurs rated high....

* Persistence
* Sense of Humor
* Creativity
* Critical thinker

and they both rated the following as *medium* in importance....

* Strength
* Courage
* Receptivity

In addition, women rated the following qualities as *high*....

* Intelligence
* Independence

and the following as *medium* in importance....

* Intuition
* Attention to Detail
* Compassionate
* Generosity
* Nurturing
* Sensitivity
* Politeness

While men rated the following as *high*....

* Positive attitude
* Team player

and the following as *medium* in importance....

* Vision
* Managerial expertise
* Maturity

This has really opened my eyes.... I've mostly read business books written by *men*, but now I realize that there seem to be different "male" and "female" approaches to business.... Women do have a better business "survival" rate than men do....

I find this kind of information quite fascinating.... :)