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Default Re: Best website building tutorial for newbie?

Easiest: As Phil suggested - look at Kompozer.

Best: Create websites using a content management system (CMS) - I recommend WordPress and use it for almost all my sites. Unless you need a site with a forum or something, WordPress is the way to go.

The learning curve is steep though.

You need to learn HTML / CSS and a bit about WordPress tags.

Outsource: You can get developers to create a customized WP site for you for about $300 to $500. is a good place to find WP developers. Or send me an email and I'll connect you with my developer (who surprisingly doesn't have a website. The cobblers kids having no good shoes issue with him...)

(Of course if you don't want to customize the design to make your site look unique - WP can be setup for free too - as it is open source and has a lot of free themes available.)
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