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Default Re: Blankets ensure a good sleep (and profits) - especially when they're weighted down

Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Of course, snuggling under a good blanket can help ensure a good sleep...

But a weighted blanket can help you sleep even more soundly and comfortably!

Your serotonin levels and melatonin levels can rise... ensuring a deeper and more relaxing sleep...

Two Canadian entrepreneurs took this concept, and created an optimal weighted blanket, designed by experts on the latest research...

They also give 10% of what they make selling the blanket to charity. (Which is great to do... and also gets people to want to spread the word...)

You can read their story here...

Blanket entrepreneurs give back to the community

Best wishes!


Good story.. they raised $1.7 million last summer and now this “We were granted $100,000 to use towards our give back program and donation days initiative. This is going to massively expand how much we can literally give back.”

Inspiring. We all should consider something like this. Even if the amount is small
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