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Default Snakes, Spiders, Wombats and Mice, Oh MY!

What I learned from WOMBAT SELLING

Here’s how implementing an idea I got from reading WOMBAT SELLING increased my productivity and increased my profits.

Page 97: The Customer Closes The Sale but The Salesperson Controls The Start.

The start in Newsell that the book WOMBAT SELLING is all about is called “CHECK” and the decision someone makes to buy is called “CHECKMATE”.

Page 128: Only the salesperson controls CHECK. Only the customer controls CHECKMATE. There can be CHECK without CHECKMATE but there can be no CHECKMATE without CHECK.

So the key is to focus on keeping yourself in CHECK which is nearly the same as Always Be Closing. The difference is in realizing that your odds of CHECKMATE goes up from making a CHECK move (contacting a prospect and asking if they could use what you have) because that puts you into the position of hearing a yes or no … thus potential CHECKMATE.

But…. Like Gordon points out… TESTED SENTENCES will drastically increase your chances of persuading the customer to say YES and CHECKMATE themselves.

Here’s how I’ve incorporated this into my photography business.

Once the customer pays for and receives their portraits I call to survey them, ask for testimonials plus I surprise each one of my portrait clients by giving them a free app of their children’s fantasy portraits for their iphone, android or ipad.

Since most people seldom leave home without their smart phones this is a very easy and convenient way for them to show off their portraits wherever they go. They can share the app with their friends and relatives. The app shows my company Logo which links back to my website plus a Click To Call Button to Contact my Studio directly.

I tell my clients that whenever someone calls to inquire I always asked who referred them to us. And for each person who they send us who comes in for a free portrait creation session and makes any size purchase of optional prints… I print and ship the referrer a free 16X20 Canvas Print of their choice from their last portrait session.

Since most of my clients decide to purchase our $895 package of proofs, digital negatives and a 16X20 Canvas print they perceive this as a high value bonus to them since they know that they will be showing off their portraits to everyone they know wether I give them an incentive to do so or not.

So each of my buyers naturally become WOMBATS for our studios!

Page 169 “WOMBAT stands for Word of Mouth Buy And Tell. This is a very simple system which is easy to replicate because most ten year olds are already good at it.”

I hired several photographers and helpers to do the shoots thus freeing up my time to focus on making more CHECK MOVES, which keeps a steady viral flow of clients coming in to our studios!

But after much testing and unlike a lot of photographers I do not do online proofs for portraits created in one of our studios because our sales are at least 10X Higher when the clients must return to see their images in person and listens to our tested sentences… Snakes, Spiders and Mice, Oh MY!

Most are women and most get all teary eyed and emotional when we present their images to them.

They buy on emotion but have to hear a few “Tested Sentences” to back up their emotional buying decision with logical reasons to take advantage of our special offer (good for that day only) that way the sale sticks without any buyers remorse. I let them know upfront that today is their only chance to view and take advantage of our special offers. Usually the only objection is price. I give them special incentives to pay in full that day or if they are short on funds I’ll set them up with a direct bank debit payment plan where they get to choose the frequency and amount of each payment made. I don’t care if someone's payment is $100.00 or $1.00 just as long as they make regular payments until their order is paid in full. Then I place the order with my lab to print and ship the order to my client and I follow up with a phone call, surprise them with the iphone app, ask for a testimonial and then ask… Who will you show your iphone app to this week? Why not give me the name and phone numbers of 3 of your friends who have children and I’ll call them in a week and offer them a free fantasy portrait session… which could result in 3 Free 16X20" Canvas Wall Portraits for you to give away to the Grandparents or keep for decorating your living room walls!

With a special offer (good only on the day they come in to view their portraits) most people who take me up on my free CHECK offer will decide to CHECKMATE themselves. Plus I just designed a new irresistible offer that should result in most people ordering a $1295.00 or $1595.00 package in place of the $895 offer.

So like Tom (sandalwood) wrote in another thread… WOMBAT SELLING does not tell you how to find WOMBATS but by engaging in thinking both Tim and I figured out ways to create RAVIN FANS but I won’t have to kill me to share it with you. I offer to teach all my hired guns how to round up portrait sittings, shoot them and sell them but 99% of the time most people don’t take me up on the offer. All of the photographers shooting for me now just want to put in their 20 hours each weekend at $18 to $25 per hour and want no part of contacting potential clients or showing and selling the images. I guess that is why they don’t have their own successful studio and never will until they lean to enjoy prospecting and selling. They are satisfied with their CVS and don’t want to put in the thinking required to come up with a BVS. CVS2BVS beats Black and White LOGIC!


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