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Default #1 income.


On the other side of the lake. Well, let's look and see, OK?

A) Same as today, nothing changes.
B) Scramble
C) Plan for either multiple streams or one BIG gusher
D) Hybrid

We have always advocated multiple streams of income and Dien and I both have practiced what we preached. Today, I want to take an overview of future income and what that may (or may not) look like on the other side of the Covid Pandemic.

Some people are booming right now. Glenn Osborn has reported here on several people who are doing huge business.

At other sites, I've found established copywriters are turning away work or making referrals. If you can write copy which sells something, you have a valuable income stream today AND in the future, keep it going.

I will continue on with my "Model", which is low cost reports, several times a year, to a group of ready buyers. It has withstood the test of time for me.

Way back in the day, when all the LAUNCHING was taking place, I made a conscious effort not to get involved, preferring a more fly low and collect the dough approach, and it has boded me well over the years.

I don't see a need to change that model, believing INFORMATION is going to continue to be wanted, needed, consumed and paid for. For new people, I once had the escalator of info products, or stairway to profits...which looked something like:

Talk. Hotsheets. White papers. Specialty reports. Mini courses. Membership programs, both short term and long term. Conferences and events.

That is a very broad and basic overview. I will continue to produce content for these markets, even as we continue to sell our creative ideas to Hollywood (which has been put on hold by...them, not us).

Launch gurus had a different model, albeit very successful, which basically went something close to charge 2k for product, give 1k to affiliates, hold contests and give prizes, sell a million dollars in a short period of time.

And fortunes and Internet gurus arose from the ashes of that money burned by wannabee marketers, good on them.

There were and are other type of models, even in the affiliate world, when old friend Jim Straw came online, he figured out affiliate marketing in less than two years, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. YIKEES.

Affiliate marketing is the de facto, go to beginner's Internet Marketing start-up and my opinion, reserving the right to be wrong, is, it is a house of cards that will have trouble on the other side of the lake. But, it could flourish.

Sell a product, deliver a service, have control of something, all ways to add income streams.

I think a FOOD dealer, someone with supply and source, will do well on the shores of post pandemic. Cause, I mean, we alls got to eat, eh?

There is crumbling of the corporate infrastructure, unseen at present, which will lead to the collapse of many a well known company, (lets see if I GUESS right on this one too).

BARTER, has never gone away, but will resurface as more "courses" and bartering co-ops and exchanges get set up with a warning, the sharks will be plentiful in these waters.

Consultants, or whatever they want to call themselves these days will score big money in the immediate future, anyone with an idea, or better yet, a system to help big and medium business to KEEP their business or expand is going to find welcome arms and full wallets at their beck and call.

Advertising will have a big growth very soon, before their bubble bursts too, but for the next year or so, if you sell advertising, you stand make a lot of moolah, make sure you save some of it.

These are a few of the highlights and thoughts on INCOME as the future unfolds before us.


PS There will be a TREMENDOUS demand for a return to normalcy, which isn't going to happen, but, anything that RESEMBLES it...

Anything that anchors people to their past experiences, will be a goldmine in the very near future. Sports will be one of these areas.

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