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Default Selling tools to miners.

Well, I don't know if either Realtors or FSBOs are increasing sales with video, but, it appears to be a gold rush to sell them the tools to create videos. has the free tool, the pick and shovel, and a few upgrades, the power drills and automated power sluice boxes.

Of the several I checked using this software, only one made it to the first page of google as a thumbnail. Now, of course, EVERY address you type in is going to come up on page one and 99.99% of time in first position, why would it not?

As a sales advantage, I'm unconvinced it has much benefit re the actual sale of the home, but I do see the gold being mined by those offering the tools.

This is true for tradesman too, like ROOFERS, who seldom get a job because they have a video or a Page One ranking even, especially if they have questionable reviews on Angies list.

The rush to googlee video ranking may appear to be the Klondike, but not all the miners are going to strike it rich.


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It looks like he is not getting any views to those properties though...
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