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Don Alm
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Default Re: Awesome enhancement of a Don Alm idea?

That sounds too complicated, for me. I like to "set it and forget it!"

However....some yrs ago I did start a "Daily Special FAX" biz!

I was at a Chamber of Comm luncheon and the speaker asked for a show of hands of everyone who was using "Faxes" in their biz.

This was when Faxing was coming into play around 1995.

Almost EVERY hand went up....including those of 2 restaurant owners sitting at my table. I got one of my "HOT Flashes" and thought;
"Hey! Why not send a "Daily Fax", to the biz owners who have fax machines, where restaurants show their Specials for that day!

I turned to the 2 restauranteurs at my table and asked; "Hey! Why don't YOU guys send faxes to these biz people....showing your Daily Specials?"

They BOTH agreed that would bring them MORE Lunch Biz and.....they said; "Hey Don! Why don't YOU set this up! We'll be your first clients!"

So...I went home to my "Man-Cave"......found a Fax program that could send Faxes and made up some Samples.....went to the 2 restaurants....told them I'd send their "Daily Specials" to 50 local biz offices for $10 a day (20cents a fax)......$50 a week......13 weeks in advance ($650)

They bought and I was able to get 2 more restaurants for a total of $200/wk

I then proceeded to phone office managers to get their AGREEMENT TO LET ME SEND THEM MY "DAILY FAX" at NO charge!

Notice....I PHONED to get Approval to send my faxes. "Da Gummit" came up with a Law about "Scam Faxes" and.....everytime I've mentioned my "Fax" biz in Forums like this.....someone says; "Dere's a Law Against sending Faxes!"

Yup....but NOT against sending Faxes WITH PERMISSION!

So.....I went about setting this up in 7 more areas. In fact, there's STILL 2 people I taught how to do this, STILL operating a "Fax" program.

And.....even though we're now in the "Digital-Age".....I could start up a "Daily Fax" biz TODAY (11-18-14)......and profit from it!"

I also sent faxes from biz other than restaurants.

Don Alm
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