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Don Alm
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Default WOW! Take a Look at THIS!

I created a Video using a FREE Program from Microsoft called PhotoStory3.

I grabbed the photos a Home Owner had snapped and placed up on a FSBO (For Sale By Owner site).....put them into a Folder according to the ADDRESS of the Home.....opened PS3.....made a Video with Music Background.....uploaded to my YT Channel.....Optimized the Video and PUBLISHED the Video for the ADDRESS and.....WHALA.....WITHIN 6 MINUTES MY VIDEO (with Full Color Thumbnail) is ON THE 1ST PAGE of Google.....for the ADDRESS of the Home!

Check it out! Go to Google and type in.....732 Callahan Dr Roseburg OR
and SEE what comes up on the FIRST PAGE.

Scroll down and tell me if MY Full Color Thumbnail would NOT Grab the attention of potential Home Buyers!

Now....I've sent the Home Owner (who took the photos and is trying to sell his house WITHOUT having to pay about $10,000 (6% of $179,000) to a Realtor) email telling him that I made a Video and got it Ranked on the 1st Page of Google for the ADDRESS and.....if he would like me to keep it up, phone or email me for my FEE ....OR....let me know and I will Take It Down Immediately! about "Making Money in Yer Back Yard"! There are 26 FSBOs in my town right now. I'm betting I get 5 or even 10 to pay me.

Don Alm......Idea Guy AND.....DOER

PS....Let me know what you think of the Video
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