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Default WHY spill the beans NOW???

If it has been such a secret, why spill the beans NOW Gordon?

Good question.

Short answer...Retirement...collecting Social Security...moving on to Next.

Most SowPubbers KNOW I've had a few detours these past few years...

Pre Existing Medical Condition resulted in a loss of insurance and costly expenses...then the Heart Attack...deaths of loved ones...disappointments in business partnerships....

Seems like I've been as Job of bible fame...I'm still here...

PLANS (did gods laugh when I made them???)

My RETIREMENT plan has always been to land in San Diego and buy an RV to travel up and down the coast and places East in the Summer...

As I get nearer to that, like NEXT month Social Security starts and a modest retirement/investment fund kicks in...since I have liquidated the rest of things...I am not encumbered with things...places...etc.

I would like to have an absentee HOT DOG BUSINESS, with a recipe I've perfected using 90% beef and 10% veal, NO salt, NO preservatives, NO nitrates, nitrites no hog, sheep, or vermin added (you'd be surprised) along with a small ICE CREAM stand with speciality ice creams...

NOT the Garlic and fish flavored as we've heard about...

But as good an ice cream as one can make, without sugar and cow's a challenge, but I've got the secret NOW.

Anyhow, my ONLY biz pursuit is going to do these small booklets...and that is why I'm not revealing everthing about them...but, I know I can work 90 minutes a day and make a couple of hundred dollars in cash...which along with the rest of retirement...affords me my pleasures, as they are while living in a

So, to the RETIREMENT end, I've sold all of my Intellectual Property, my chattel has been sold, my important papers locked away with my kids in possession...

NOW, it is less work, more fun...

But, I find cold calling, and selling and walking into a momma and poppa biz with a little booklet...hand it to them and tell them to contact me if interested...FUN...old salesmen never die, they just can't overcome the final objection...ha.

My testing shows it will be at least 300 bux a day for doing nothing more than handing them a booklet...NO sales pitch required...

So to answer the to why now? Another one of those got to get my kids back from their evil mother? pitches...NO, the ex and I get along fine, she's a great mother, lucky to have had children with her...

Another FIRE sale? NOPE, only thing on fire is my desire to retire.

One more of those too good to be true money makers? They ALL are too good to be true if you DON'T ACT on the information, IMHO.

Nope, just TIME to reveal some of things I've held for hopes that a few of you trusted and long time friends of the forum can take advantage NOW, before I get busy oogling the beach beauties of S. Cal.

HEY, maybe I can get a reality TV show...DOM not Dominic...the Dirty Old Man...HA!

This booklet thing isn't a big secret...but once I saw the template, I had to test it product I've sold, or developed, which I could take all the credit but without Richard Dennis and Jimmy Krug...I would have never even thought of it...

Gordon Jay Alexander...Mr. Retirement in Feb, 2012

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