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Default Re: Let's (simply) put it this way... What would you do?...

Remi -- I don't take it personally, exactly. That is, I don't take each individual 'rejection' personally. What begins to grate on my (very) soul, eventually, is the CUMULATIVE + PREDICTABLE rejection. And it's not even the rejection, exactly. It's the (what I perceive to be) rudeness of it. "Please contact me, I'm interested." Then I contact them... then NO RESPONSE -- repeatedly (either way - yes OR no) -- even with people I already 'know' well! It's incomprehensible, imo.

As I keep saying, there must be some (polite) way to make them see that -- and to 'train' them to (at least) respond.

I'll keep searching for the answer (+ going to therapy in the mean time).

-- TW
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