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Default Why do some people work better in cafes?

Originally Posted by Phil View Post

Thanks for sharing and posting on that subject...

Surprisingly! All kinds of Cool ideas, relationships, networking...
Thanks Phil for sharing those...

I found the most interesting was the board games cafe!

I went to a cafe like this once (in Brisbane, Australia). It was an interesting place, and it definitely had its fans!

Why do some people find they are more productive working in cafes?

Some of the things I like are...
  • You get personal attention. I must admit, I like that. However, I also like that the waiter or waitress will leave me alone, too, if that's what I want.
  • If you are at a cafe where you are served (as opposed to a self-serve cafe), you don't have to get out of your seat for anything, if you don't want to. (Except to go to the bathroom!)
  • If the cafe is in an interesting location, you can observe how interesting the world is as you take "micro-breaks" from what you are working on!
Another great thing about cafes is you can use them as alternative offices for meetings. I've had many fun and productive meetings in cafes!

Conor Friedersdorf of the Atlantic pondered the question of why some people work best in coffee shops...

I agree with his preferred answer - there's just enough distraction...

Finally, a website called "Coffitivity" tries to recreate the "working in a cafe" experience, through cafe sounds...

I find it doesn't work as well for me as a real cafe, though!

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