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Default Re: Selling tools to miners.

This is true for tradesman too, like ROOFERS, who seldom get a job because they have a video or a Page One ranking even, especially if they have questionable reviews on Angies list.
would disagree vehemently about that since we have sold thousands of dollars worth of roofing strictly through videos.
The real estate video would work if properly optimized and seo-ed, it would come up on page one for relevant keyword searches.
I did this with the one broker who eventually screwed me out of 24k....took her from nowhere on mls list of brokers to number 9 ( whatever that means )in 90 days. Sold 12 the high 500's...strictly using videos...she owed me 2k per house for marketing...which she didnt pay ...anyway , I wouldnt work with another real estate broker unless I get paid in advance...they make too much for one sale, are cheap, and ego driven( painting with a big brush now)
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