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Default Another teacher-based idea...

Originally Posted by BizmanBret View Post
I am a teacher, coach and a passionate entrepreneur who is looking to find a single service or product I can offer local small businesses in my area. Like most folks I have a limited amount of time to devote to supplementing my income. I have been following this forum for 5+ years and am calling on fellow Sowpubers to help me and anyone interested to creat a list of specific, simple, yet valuable services to offer small businesses in order to earn extra money. I am hoping this list can help many in the forum to create a nice side income if they are willing to take action. Thank you.
Hi Bret,

Here's another idea...

First, there are people (as you know) who tutor for a living, to help students get better grades.

Of course, you could do the tutoring yourself.

However, you can also do this as a slightly larger business. How?

If you know how to get tutoring jobs, then you could do the following. You get the customers (i.e. students who want tutoring, or the parents of students are your real customers in many cases), then hire others to actually do the tutoring, and take a small percentage of the money for each tutoring job that you get for your tutors.

Getting the customers might require spending a little bit of money on advertising.

I know people who have done this as a business in the past.

Best wishes,

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