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Default Re: Seeking idea for $50-$100 small business services or products to offer.

Great ideas-thank you! Here is one of my ideas that "paid" off. Don Alm actually inspired me several years ago to sell ads on a magnet. I designed a 6" X 4" maget and sold 1/2" spots to local businesses. I touted it as a "business directory" and sold about 28 spots at $150 each. I also told business that I would print up 5000 magnets and deliver them to every door in town. I neted several thousand dollars on this project. I was somewhat known in town, but not as a marketer. It was hard work, but if you can walk in and ask for the owner and show them an example(mock-up) you can do this. Another way to do this would be to sell less ads and charge more. Don's ideas do work if you work. I hope this inspires someone to go for it. Also, I am a middle school PE teacher in Iowa. Thanks again to those who have taken their time to share ideas.
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