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Default The NEW sales formula which could change your life today.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post

All the answers one can find after 52 years of intense study and application.

To Be Continued.

As a kid, I learned the following sales formula:

The ol AIDCAS formula. In the past 52 years, I've seen at least 1001 variations of this...with few exceptions, they ALL (or almost all) begin with Attention.

They use it in copywriting (salesmanship in print) and I've seen some copy formulas that have 32 or 44 different steps...

Now, forget about it...

There is a NEW formula, that if you take a little time to reflect on, and not have a knee jerk reaction...could radically change your thinking and make your sales come so much it is


Purpose (or Intention, use which ever one suits you)
Preparation (includes all the research you do into product and prospect)

My NEW forumla ENDs where the old formulas begin...because,

As I wrote in a notebook 24 years ago, while selling consumer electronics,

IF the sale begins when the customer says no, then it ENDS when you have lost their attention.

To me, everything in the old formulas which come after attention, are simply sub-sets of attention...

You simply must HOLD their ATTENTION.

And there you go, the big secret which could change your life today...
if you think about it.

See, all those NLP tricks of anchoring, framing, posturing and all the old salemanship of overcoming objections...and all that figuring out what kind of a woman you are trying to seduce...

ALL of those things are simply devices to HOLD ON to Attention once you get it.

Creating interest, desire and moving someone to a sale...impossible to do once their mind has refocused on something else...

Now I'll look at specific examples from today's world.

Bob Ross, or so he introduced himself at the Warrior Forum.

He executed the Perfect WF strategy to make a lot of money in a short period of time...maybe you can use Bob's strategy yourself.

Bob posted in a sub-forum (off line marketing) about how he was easily making 5,000 bux a month and being a hero to small businesses.

He told about his giant postcard with ads being sent via USPS EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail).

It was the perfect set-up. He answered question after question...and then they started to ask for a WSO...he at first balked, then reluctantly did a WSO, which was a smash hit. Some of his affiliates made a quick couple of grand in the first couple of days.

I did buy his product, it is very good and I know a few of you SowPubbers are actually putting his ideas to work.

The way that "Bob Ross" did it is worthy of study for anyone wishing to mile the cash cow known as the WF.

He captured ATTENTION and never let go of it.

Forget about interest, desire etc. etc. IF you kept reading his posts...he HELD your attention...

Friend of the forum, Glenn Osborn, drives some of you crazy, right?

Let me tell you it a big red nose, an exploding toy...or a kazoo (my big red nose back in the day before I knew a thing about NLP)... there is a method to his (and mine) madness...

And I can't or won't speak for Glenn, but, I'd argue the point...he knows what to do with your ATTENTION once he has it...


Similar thing

HE nda I Do...

is to use the ATTENTion TO GET rid of those NON potential customers...or at least

I think he does...

I KNOW I do.

NOT every reader is a customer or a prospect...get rid of them quickly...

NOT everyone who walks into your store is going to buy something.

Some of you salespeople are giving too much effort to try to get the attention of those people who will never be your customers and in fact, could eat your lunch if you let them...don't you let them.

Apply the new sales forumla where ATTENTION is the end game...the bottom line...the chase you want to cut too...

ATTENTION (and to paraphrase Richard Condon)...

Attention is the key to sales
Attention is the clue...
Attention is the drum and fife...
And any close will do.

Put time and energy into PURPOSE OR INTENT

Knowing the product inside out, upside down from feature to benefit to reasons why...

KNOW your prospect...and what your product will leave him with AFTER he buys it...

Get his ATTENTION and tell him what NOW is like, and then tell him what life will be much easier, greater, more thrilling...once he has the product in his hands.

Focus your sales time on doing the homework, so once you get your prospects ATTENTION, you'll be able to hold it.

It is now my opinion, having been a successful salesman...that I was going about it the wrong way...

And next up, I'm going to tell what the most important piece of psychology I've ever found is , and how it will make things much clearer and easier once you get it...are you ready to get it...

it is found in the work of ....

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