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Default 12 Days to a Super New Life.

Want a new life? Well, a better one? OK, ok, maybe one with more money and more free time in it, cause most of the SowPubbers are living their dreams.

But for a few of you, consider this:

What would a SUPER new life look like for YOU? Tell me, and I'll give it to you in 12 days.

TWELVE days, like the 12 days of Christmas. The 12 months. 12 apostles. 12 signs of the Zodiac. 12 donuts in a cop's breakfast basket.

What can you do in 12 days?

You can begin to develop NEW habits, to lay the foundation of a new way of doing things, to disrupt your current patterns, if you find they are not as productive as you need them to be.

12 days x 4 is the clue. Continue to DO things, daily routines, over and over with set times and procedures and in a bit more than one month, you will have NEW sustainable habits, routines and rituals which work for you automatically.

We've discussed this many times, and ALL of us, are spread thin...wanting NOT to give up anything we do, but wanting to do it all.

Plates are full, many balls in the air, whatever and however you want to think about it, this is the CHOICE most of us choose to make.

However, let it be noted, too much activity, too much diversity of time and energy = less than stellar results. And too often, frustration.

So it takes 12 days, of doing some activities, not much really, maybe an hour a day...and then you are on your way to that SUPER new life I wrote about in the title.

But only if you want one.

If not, continue on and be happy spinning the plates, but hurry, run down to the other end, that one is slowing down and could fall at any second.

Why is 12 such a powerful number?

Have you got 12 days to try some new ideas? If so, let me know via email.

[email protected] be sure to put 12 DAYS in your subject header.

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