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Robert Campbell
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Default Gordon Gekko

Hi Dien,

You have this fascination with the movie character Gordon Gekko and so do I.

I wouldn't necessarily want my sister to marry the guy, but some of the principles (the legal ones, that is) he stands for and uses can be valuable lessons for of us who are in business.

Your post was of particular interest to me because I am writing a book on Timing the Stock Market. The Forbes 400 examples that you mentioned about the need to take "calculated risks" will likely be incorporated into my sales letter.

But what about our friend Gordon Gekko? Because the entire Gekko thing is about gaining an advantage for making profitable stock market decisions -- and the Forbes 400 examples are not -- do you think this can be effectively used in a sales letter as well ... or do you think most people will be turned off by the illegal tactics Gekko uses to achieve his goals?

Any thoughts?

Robert Campbell

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