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Default LOTTO Ticket Flirt Gossip Leads to Ph # and a Date

Thanks Tom,

Because we are in the HABIT of Giving Away Instant Scratch Off LOTTO Tickets.

And write Ezine Case Studies and Funny stories about it.

Plus share Client Results with Flirt Tipping in our Daily Ezine.

Ezine readers Email Me THEIR Results.

And Almost Always Give Me Their Permission to SHARE their
LOTTO ticket Flirt story with others. As Greg did - below.

How a Young Realtor
LOTTO Flirt Tips
To Get Ph#'s and Dates
With Pretty Women

Greg told me this story yesterday.

Beautiful Latino Gas Station Clerk.

Lotto ticket #1 - And Greg says, "What will you do when you WIN?"

Day Two - LOTTO Ticket and he asks, "What are you going to BUY First If You WIN?

Day Three - LOTTO Ticket and says, "Where are you going to spend all your WINNINGS?

Greg says Eve tells him she has a son.

She is 26 yrs Old.


Bad Boyfriend she just dumped - He wanted her to dance at a Strip Club.

Greg Finds out Eve Likes to Rock Climb.


Soon Eve is touching Greg on the arm.

Shortly after the arm touches.

Eve gives him her phone #.

It took Greg Five Visits and 5 LOTTO Tickets to Create Deep Enough
trust btwn himself and Eve so she felt comfy enough to share her home
phone # and ASK him to call her.

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