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Default Booked solid. Two words I've come to hate.

There was a time when I was thrilled to be booked solid, it meant the money was pouring in. And today, many, MANY people are trying to get booked solid, even my daughter the trainer.

But a long time ago, in the world of golf, I came to HATE being so popular because it meant my TIME was tied up, accounted for, and couldn't be used to do anything else.

That is when I discovered the GROUP sessions, which meant I could book 6 to 8 people in the same hour. SWEET. Then, I discovered AUDIO and recorded a few of the key ideas, and found out that my TIME was freed up, while the income increased.

Today, the concept gives me the shakes. The idea of spending my time, no matter how lucrative, or how much it made, just makes me sick to my stomach.

Which is why the WEBINAR and video, do it once and sell it for a long time, is so is almost a good TOLL POSITION.

I know of 100,000 people (via various Facebook groups) that would love to get booked solid, in fact they spend a lot of money learning how, and pay other people to help them fill up their time by spending it on other people.

Coaches, therapists, even consultants at times, get an emotional reward from feeling they have done good for someone. That's great.

But if you are still young, wet behind the ears, in business...I encourage you to think of better ways than spending your time, consider setting up, gaining or creating some Toll Positions where you can leverage your time into ongoing financial rewards, nothing beats sitting in the boat, fishing...while your PayPal account gets filled up.

NOW that is a good way to have your time BOOKED SOLID.

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