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Default Re: You might want a place like udemy or other sites like that.

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post is 15 a month (billed annually), I have NO idea how one would submit a suggestion for a class.

But there are other sites, like udemy, which can host your classes. I think of these as set it and forget it information vending machines.


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Dear Gordon,
Warmest wishes to you, Millard and everyone here.
In addition to your highlighting “udemy,” there’s also these reputable teaching platforms you can select from, and listing a few for you to see how they resonate with your “teaching style” : (1) Skillshare; (2) Teachable; (3) Thinkific; (4) CreativeLive, by founder Chase Jarvis [photographer], and based in Seattle. Two-cents sharing with you.
Aloha, nanci nicole
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