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Default Whaddya mean, "nobody's making any money"? I am!

Haven't visited in a while, but that's cuz I've been off making money...

Seriously. I have fun online, and I visit forums, but I've really gotta watch myself - my daily focus has GOT to be "what can I do today - right now! - to bring the $$$ coming in"? I need to focus on my most productive activities.

For example, this time of year I "tweak" a service I sell to make it more seasonal. I just uploaded the website a couple of days ago, in fact - it's

I know times are tough for a lot of businesses, but that makes it more important than EVER for them to stay in touch with clients, convey appreciation, get their name out there in a positive way, and so on.

So if I can help them DO that, I make money.

Wouldn't be surprised if my DAUGHTER goes into politics someday, though... kinda fun to watch a 24-year-old who's so enthused to watch democracy in action.
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