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Default It is. And it isn't.

Originally Posted by MikePT View Post
That is the billion dollar question.

Understanding markets desires it puts the selling process on setroids.


First off, framing. When I have taught copywriting or Remote Influence, the emphasis is on TARGET, a single person. I believe it is a mistake to have group think, or markets or niches.

The reason for me is a TARGET is probably easier to penetrate their bubble of preoccupation, where as a group may have some general wants/needs (passive) but a person has a desire (active/emotional).

It is one reason why computer generated letters of yesteryear showed a dramatic rise in response when PERSONALIZED.

There was a time when, Dear Friend, or other general salutation was the norm.

Then, I got the Dear Gordon personalized letter.

But if I ever got a personal letter from a friend, which knew more about me, then my attention and interest was aroused.

So, maybe I sell a Rolex watch to a guy who wants esteem, or prestige and the problem is it might not be the right appeal for any given guy, although in general, if you have a lot of Rolex watches to sell, it could work.

And this also is why a 3, 4 or 5% return on a cold list in the old days of mail order could make one wealthy, it can be improved on with today's data mining and knowledge of certain demographic specific trigger words.

Probably Gary Halbert was the best at this because he did a very deep dive into understanding everything about his product and the niches within the market. It takes work to uncover semantically significant triggers, work which most marketers are unwilling to do.

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