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Default The story of Hiroshi Yamauchi...

Originally Posted by Ankesh View Post
Thanks Dien for this post! Appreciate it a lot!
Whats your favourite article on

I remember meeting you in Michigan in - was it 2003? Its been so long and its amazing that the forum is still up and going along spreading seeds of wisdom! Owe a lot to this forum - have had a lot of good ideas over the years and connected with some brilliant people through it. Thanks for everything!
Hi Ankesh,

Yes, we met in 2003 in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

(We met at my late uncle's house there... My aunt, who also lived there, is still alive, but she now lives in Arizona...)

One thing about Genius Biographies (and its predecessor, Zen Strategies) is that so many of the stories are little-known...

It's like peering into a secret treasure-chest that few have seen...

I quite like the story of Hiroshi Yamauchi - the founder of Nintendo... a story I never would have guessed about!

It helps to illustrate a true entrepreneurial spirit!

How Hiroshi Yamauchi builds a creative powerhouse

Best wishes,

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