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Default Fold in the cheese.

I love it.

Thought you might enjoy this:

One of these days, (which means never), I'll start my own cooking channel, maybe calling it HOW TO FOLD IN THE CHEESE. ha!


Originally Posted by Dien Rice View Post
Thanks Millard!

My wife and I had the idea a few years ago to do a "cooking" channel on YouTube...

She's a great chef! But...

There seem to be more "disasters" than average around her in the kitchen (in terms of fire alarms going off, dishes going up in smoke, etc.)...

The idea was to do a "cooking" show, where she would show how to cook a dish...

But, every "episode," a disaster would happen!

I think it would be funny if, even after the disaster, the dish turns out perfect!

Anyway... It was a fun idea... But it would also be a lot of work...

It would be like making your own TV series...

Best wishes,

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