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Default This is like an "insider secret"...

Thanks Glenn!

These are like "insider secrets"...

Here's why I say that...

Let's say someone - maybe a competitor - is trying to examine your friend Jim's business from the outside... and why he's so successful...

(The guy you talked about in your article that you linked to...)

I bet that competitor would never in a million years guess that a large part of Jim's success is due to...

...flint knapped obsidian arrow heads!

(as it is... for real...)

That's why it's like an "insider secret"...

Thanks again for sharing, Glenn!

As for me and sales... I don't really come from growing up doing sales (unfortunately)...

My limited sales experience as a kid was more due to "order taking" type stuff, rather than real "sales"...

But... upon Gordon's advice...

After this forum had already been running several years, I did get a job selling comedy club tickets, by cold calling to the phone book... I did the job to get the sales experience...

That was a good lesson in "real" sales!

One lesson (maybe a "sales secret" for some) that I learned I call "emotional transference"...

I found that your own attitude tends to "transfer" (to a degree) to the person on the other side of the phone line...

If you're depressed, they become depressed too... (and don't buy)...

But if you're genuinely excited, they become excited too! (And are more likely to buy...)

So it was a great experience...

Best wishes!


Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks For Clapping on my Posts Dien,

Just Btwn Us.

My Dad Got Me Started in Sales.

Kicking and Screaming - Kinda - Dad drove the Station Wagon to A group of apartments at a nearby town on Friday.

MY JOB was to go up and knock on the door.

Sell Cabbage and Beets and String Beans and tomatoes.

Then Dad set up a Road Side Stand -

MY Job was to Run out and Help people who stopped to Buy.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED In Sales and Marketing?


P.S. - All that Dr to Dr Interaction Makes Me LISTEN to what people Want.

Like This Guy.

Who was ALREADY giving Away obsidian Arrow heads to Customers.

BUT was Not Asking for Referrals the RIGHT WAY.

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