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Default New SeedZine issue - "A Profit Lesson From An Unexpected Source!"

Sometimes, I just love writing... Especially when I get into a "groove", and have something exciting to share...

Anyway, I think the latest issue of the SeedZine is a good one! I just sent it out... (But if you didn't receive it because you're not subscribed, don't worry - stay tuned.)

Here's how it starts...

A few weeks ago, I went on a fantastic trip. It was to a place called the "Whitsundays" in Australia. It's a very beautiful area - a calm sea, full of over a dozen islands in pristine condition.

While it was a great holiday - it also turned into a great profit education! How? Let me share it with you...

In fact there were TWO important profit lessons I learned. I'll share the first profit lesson with you today...
On this trip, I discovered how one guy I got to know became independently wealthy - so he no longer has to work! And the "philosophy of sales success" he shared with me... (It's all explained in the issue...)

There are no SeedZine "archives" - so the only way you can get it is to be subscribed. The good news is - it's free!

If you want to read the rest of the above issue - subscribe in the next few days, and I'll send it out to you.

Here's the link...

Best wishes,

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