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Gordon Alexander
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Default General: Today's posts will include Chattel, and LESSON 1 on How to make 100,000.00 (or an extra 100k) in a


First, the Chattel Report-The Sprint to Freedom...

I've gotten requests for my Chattel Report. But I don't sell it anymore.

George Marquez does.

You can get a copy by sending George a check or Money Order for 35.00 to:

The Chattel Report
George Marquez
35337 Fortuna Ct.
Littlerock,Ca 93543
$35.00 Shipping & Handling included

This will also entitle you to entrance to a PRIVATE FORUM I will be opening this Fall to talk about Buying and Selling. Those of you that already have the Chattel Report will, OF COURSE, be invited.

I want to make it private because without the Chattel Report, the general public just won't know what the heck we're talking about, and I won't have to answer 1001 questions like,

"Who is the best host?" and that kind of stuff.

It will be FREE. The only entry requirement is to have bought the Chattel Report-The Sprint to Freedom.

ONE IMPORTANT POINT. Do NOT e-mail me and ask me to sell you a copy, I don't, I won't. Get it from George or one of the other Resellers.

Dien, could you please post Bele's addy for our Austrailian friends.

And one HINT too. If you like MOTORCYCLES, George Marquez is the man to talk to...he knows how to turn a buck or two buying and selling Harley's.

This morning, I'm going to post the first LESSON in the $100,000.00 CLASS.

So, if you don't have the CHATTEL REPORT-THE SPRINT TO FREEDOM, send your check or mo today.

Now, on with show...

Gordon Alexander