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Don Alm
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Default $720 A Week....

Last year (2014) at this time (April) I helped a buddy who was un-employed and needed CASH....FAST!

So....over coffee I discussed some of the projects in my Midas Reports. When I got to my "KIDS EAT FREE" program he grabbed my arm and said, "That's IT! I'd LOVE to do that one!"

So....we went back to my "Man-Cave" (as my wifee calls it) and went thru the process.

What this is is.....
Get 6 Hotels to agree to place my Display on their Front Desk (see photo) (It's FREE to Hotels and they LOVE offering this to their Guests.

Get 6 Restaurants to pay $20/wk per Hotel ($120/wk per restaurant for 13 weeks....$720/wk from 6 restaurants = $9,360

The Displays have Cards that Hotel Guests pick up and can use for FREE Meals for their children.

Now.....why would Restaurants want to offer FREE Meals to children of Hotel Guests? Because the Adults come to THEIR restaurant to eat. Fee of $120/week for 6 Hotels ($20/week per Hotel) is reasonable. When I first did this I charged $10/wk per Hotel ($60/wk per restaurant) BUT, I found that $120/wk to get business from 6 Hotels is good for ME.

Although I started with 3 restaurants paying $120/wk = $360/wk to me. could begin with 3 or 4 restaurants each paying $120/wk.

And.....NOW is the PERFECT get this started because the program MUST be in place by Memorial Day weekend.....when the Hotels are bringing their kids.

Anyways.....I brought this up today to maybe help someone looking for a way to make some bux before summer starts. year I had this going in 4 towns with 24 restaurants paying $2,880 a WEEK for 13 weeks (June, July, August)

So...take a close look at the Photo below. All you need is 6 Plastic Displays, 6 4 x 9 Cards and 500 business cards per hotel.

Don Alm
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