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Dien Rice
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Default Living it up.... until a few months later....

> BOO.COM make those guys look frugal...lashed
> out the cash - about 200 million..flew
> first class...5 star hotels...and
> disappeared!

> At least they went out in style.

I guess if you're determined to go, perhaps it's good to go with a big splash!

I know you CAN make money without your own, and that's if you have venture capital funding behind you.... I know two people personally (one of them is quite a good friend) who have co-founded companies with VC funding, but I think it's not easy to get.

I bet that the people weren't spending their "own" money, but the money of their financiers.... Instead of turning it into more money, as if by magic it disappeared!

I'm glad you could share that insight, Jim!

- Dien