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Default Very valuable advice!

Originally Posted by Samir View Post
Hello everyone, glad to know SOWPub is still alive and kickin'

I am going to share an easy method for anyone to earn money. It's easy but you still have to take action!

Here you go:

Buy Travel Size Toiletries for $0.25 cent or less and sell for $1, earning a 300% return!

Where to buy?
eBay or Wholesale hotel suppliers such as AmericanHotel.

Where to sell?
You can buy in bulk quantities from eBay and resell smaller quantities back on eBay for up to 300% profit.

If you live in a city, you can sell them to convenience stores for $0.50 each earning 100% profit. The store can in turn sell for $1 each earning 100% profit. Most convenience stores profit margins don't exceed 30% so they'll be happy to showcase your products prominently near the cashier counter.

You can sell them on Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo or other similar apps.

You can sell them to Flea Market Vendors.

Others who would be interested in buying your travel size toiletries include:
Luxury Vacation Home owners, Airbnb hosts and guests.

This is something you can do part time with under a $100 investment.

Give it a try and when you make money, send some over to your favorite charity!
Thanks Samir!

That's very valuable info...

It's awesome to know the real opportunities out there!

So many people are struggling...

I'm sure this will help some people out there who are...

Or who just need to know how to get started...

Also, once you get started - more opportunities and insights come to you...


Best wishes,

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