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Default Re: To buy or not to buy

I looked through the thread that Phil mentioned, but never did get to the part where they Export. Just a lot about Importing. Go direct to to cut to the chase.

At any rate, there are several things to consider:

1) CHECK THE SALES MARKET before you skip off and buy anything.

2) Are lighters a big seller on eBay? Can you purchase, pay Import Fees, and still sell at a price that will allow a good margin of profit for your efforts? (Don't forget packing, shipping fees, trips to the Post Office, etc.)

3) Do you know what you're buying? Here in the US, we call them Flash Lights! So be sure you go through each item and make sure you're buying a true lighter, not a mini-flashlight, as the camera "lighter" is, and several others shown.

Here's an example of what you're up against.

The Camera Lighter is available to you at $1.19 each, IF you buy a Container full. (Think semi-truck load!) On top of that you have to pay shipping, Import Duties, then get them to your location.

After that, it's photographs, post ads on eBay, pack and ship the product, rinse and repeat.

One final thing.. Are they "Pre-filled" lighters? If they are, they probably can't be shipped any method OTHER THAN UPS or FedEx. (No flammables allowed via US Postal Service.)

Just some things to think about ahead of time.


(PS: Been there, done that)

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