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Dien Rice
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Default Roy and HG (local Aussie stuff)....

Hi Richard,

> After the ribbing the US received on Roy
> & HG, I'm not surprised they're upset,
> if of course that's what they are.

Roy & HG is a local "comedic sporting commentary" duo here in Australia.... I don't think they're really known outside of Australia (though they did briefly do a TV show in the UK).... During the Olympics they had a 2 hour TV show every night, where they'd essentially make fun of various athletes with their commentaries.... It was pretty hilarious. :)

I loved the swimmer from Equatorial Guinea.... He was in a heat with 2 other swimmers, and those other 2 swimmers got disqualified for starting too early. So in his heat he had to swim two lengths of the pool by himself.... and he looked like he was struggling to make it! It makes me feel that if I was from Equatorial Guinea, I could have qualified for the Olympic swimming too.... :)

Their humor is very Australian, and they use a lot of slang (including their own made-up slang), so I think unless you've been in Australia a while it would probably go over your head....

Though some American visitors and athletes did get it, I think.... Basically, once you realize that nothing Roy & HG says is serious, and that they pretty much make fun of everything (both Aussies and also everyone else), you start to "get it" (though it helps to know some Aussie slang too).... :)

Okay, I realize this is irrelevant to most people who read this forum.... since as I said, if you're not in Australia you'd have no clue who Roy & HG are...!

> I like beetroot on my hamburger,

Beetroot on hamburgers is delicious. :)

- Dien