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Julie Jordan Scott
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Default Re: A Difference of Perspective?

Hi Michael, Et Al!

> From the US I heard... Australia had a
> target of 60 medals and fell short. And no
> mention of place.

****Whenever I hear of commentary like this, (usually I hear it from people who have some sort of inferiority crisis) I point out their focus on lack or scarcity of another is simply showing their own scarcity or lack.

I wonder who the commentator was, and if it was an NBC reporter.....they lost a BUNDLE on their weak coverage of the games, so it does not surprise me they are caught up in how WRONG someone else is, or how someone ELSE (seemingly, in their scarcity filled eyes) fell short.

Do you remember the 1994 Winter Games at Lilliehammer, Norway? I have always enjoyed Norwegians ever since I had a woman named Eva Tine from Oslo on my hallway when I was a Sophomore at University of the Pacific. One night we went and painted "The Rock" as a Norwegian flag....Looonnngggg story.

Anyway, in Lilliehammer the Norwegians were winning so many medals, the organizers were getting embaressed, thinking they were top heavy in the medal count.

Won my heart for sure!

Naturally, they did not compete any less, but I appreciated their concern for the other competitors.

As for me, I am thrilled for all the countries who participated. Hooray for UK and Australia and all the others as well. Looking forward to the next go-around!

With Purpose and Passion,