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Default How to have the Jeff Bezos "Day 1" Approach to Business...

Forbes lists Jeff Bezos - founder of Amazon - as the 2nd richest guy in the USA. Bill Gates is 1st. Warren Buffett is now 3rd.

Bezos knocked Warren Buffett down the list... and he's gunning for Bill Gates's position.

How did that happen?

One reason might be Jeff Bezos's "Day 1" approach to business...

He even works in a building he calls "Day 1".

I'll let you read the details yourself (link below)... But the way I see it, it's about keeping that "startup" mentality, and not resting on your laurels.

"Day 1" is when you're intensely focused, and seeing what you can do...

The problem is, once you've had some success, it's easy to "rest on your laurels" and coast! It's easy to stop taking risks!

That's "Day 2"... and what you want to avoid!

More details on Jeff Bezos's "Day 1" approach here...

What Is Jeff Bezos "Day 1" Philosophy?

(I'm adopting this philosophy as my own!)

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