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Default Re: How to spread the word about your business fast?

Originally Posted by Henrik View Post
Hi, my first post here. I hope some of you might be able to help me or at least give me some feedback.

I am about to start up my own internet based business and would (obviously) like to get as many members subscribing to my site as possible. I am willing to spend money on SEO and Google Adwords, but I wonder how I can use my own existing network to get through to thousands within days or weeks.

E.g. I have 300+ Facebook friends and 150+ LinkedIn connections. I assume I have close (enough) relations with around 100 to use them in spreading my message and get them to sign up on my site. But how do you - generally speaking - break through to their network. What incentives do people need to send a message to their 10+ closest friends, who again send it to their 10+ closest friends etc?

Is begging enough?

Some people write articles, and submit them to various article directories. The articles should be on topics of interest to your potential customers, and you should include your website link and details at the end.

Another method some people use - especially if you have a blog - is to write "guest blog posts" on other people's blogs. These work in a similar way to the free articles...

Participating in free online forums (like this one), and include a link to your website at the end, can work too! Just make sure it is genuine participation, so your posts don't get deleted...

I haven't really tried using YouTube, but creating an interesting video and putting it on YouTube - with a link back to your website - would probably work too!

Best wishes!

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