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Michael Ross
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Default A Difference of Perspective?

The Olympic games are over and life for a lot of Australians will now go back to normal.

Since the closing ceremony I've seen news from the US and news from the UK. And it's interesting to hear their take on Australia. And in particular Australia's performance at the games.

From the US I heard... Australia had a target of 60 medals and fell short. And no mention of place.

From the UK I heard... Australia had the best results they've ever had from an Olympic Games. And came in fourth.

Two different ways the Australian results were relayed to people outside of Australia from two different news sources.

Sour grapes from the US because Sydney was claimed to be the best games ever? Or Joy from the UK as they also did the best they've done for 80 years.

As Joe Friday says... just the facts.

Whatever. It is interesting.

Michael Ross.