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Dien Rice
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Default Sandy, thanks for your inspiring reply.... :)

> What a wonderful story Dien...Your Passion
> seems to be coming through loud and clear in
> these passages...

Thanks Sandy! You know, you're also an inspiring person yourself, I enjoy your posts.... :)

> Just curious: are you doing
> anything offline or online with your
> interest in diving or body surfing?

> I'm asking because sometimes we overlook
> the things in life which give us the most
> joy...

Sandy, that's very true.... I'm not doing anything with that right now.... I have thought about it though. :) But I haven't done anything yet....

However, thanks for the reminder Sandy.... :) I'll have to add it to my "to do in the future" list.... Right now as well as Sowpub, I also have couple projects in the works aimed at stock market investors, and I still have a couple physics research collaborations going too.... :)

And of course, I've been discovering more and more how the business world "works".... I think that knowing that is some of the most important knowledge you can gain, if you want to be in business. Knowing the system -- from manufacturers, to distributors and importers/exporters, to the retail stores, to the customers.... OR via mail order, or one of the other countless ways of promotion and distribution....

My view is once you know the system and how it works, you can figure out how to best become part of that system in a way that suits you and which you can have the greatest success.... And that's what I'm discovering now. I've learned MUCH more in the last few months than I've learned in the past several years of looking into business, because now I'm focusing on it full-time.... It's a great education!

However, not all of it is what people want to hear.... I don't believe there is a "magic" solution, just do this and you'll become a millionaire. It takes work, it takes networking, it takes promotion and marketing, it takes ideas, it takes testing....

But I DO believe there are "easier" ways and "harder" ways to do it, and I'm in the process of finding all the "easier" ways I can.... :)

I've learned a lot from Gordon... By far the most important things I have learned are in Remote Hypnosis.... I discovered that you have to put it into practice, and try it out, and then it can start to take effect, and people start to pay attention.... :)

Thanks Sandy.... :)

Dien Rice