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Default Here's another "offbeat" pet business...

Originally Posted by jpmvc View Post
I saw this video and thought how creative of an idea and it gave a me a
bunch of different ideas for different niches.

Watch this video and see a great niche business

Not only can you probably replicate this business locally but it gave me a
bunch of related ideas as well.

Probably can get someone to start this business and then do the marketing for them and get a % of revenues generated from the marketing.

Let me know your thoughts.
Hi jpmvc,

Thanks for a great video on the "cat luxury hotel"...! There are all kinds of fascinating pet businesses...

The latest "unusual" pet business I've heard about is to become a pet massage specialist! See

Pet businesses are "hot" to my understanding... Why?

Single people keep pets for companionship. Couples without kids keep pets too (as children-substitutes). And "empty nesters" also keep pets too, as members of the family...

Fewer people are having kids, but more people are keeping pets instead...


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