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Default 24.00 Makes 1000.00 in 2 Days-/Cat Cartoon Idea for Steve

Dear Steve,

Thanks for the Great post.

LUV the Glowing Kitty Eyeballs Photo.


Here's something that only cost me 24.00 but has added 1000.00 in 2 days to my *Big Red Nose Club* CD sales.

I suggest YOU
test out & sell
**Cat Cartoon Stories**
based on the Cat owners
FAVORITE memories of FLUFFY.

(Dog Cartoons might be even BIGGER.)

Here's what I've been doing -

We BRIBE 100's of my Ezine readers & salespeople to send in their Testimonials on how to get Instant TRUST and RAPPORT in a FLIRT/Sales situation.

Most Test the ideas we borrow from self made millionaires around the world in FLIRT situations.

BEFORE risking them with clients or prospects. Which makes learning proven 100 million dollar NLP Sales and Referral Strategies FUN.

Jerry made a Paper Rose for a Cashier.
She went from cold to Smiling in 10 seconds.

Very valuable in a Strangers Office to PRE-heat the Appointment...

The cartoon is full of photos - since I can't draw worth a darn.


P.S. - Only cost me 24.00 bucks to use Comic Life and (Skitch is F_R_E_E in the beta-test stage) - at

P.P.S. - Some of my Ebay auctions are UP in price by 100% the last 2 weeks. But the 48 product back-end is the majority of the bucks.

IF you're curious...

*The Munny Boomerang-How To Send Out Words & Get Back MUNNY*

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