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Dennis Bevers
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Default My market is b2b promotional advertising

This is an $18 Billion market with clients ranging from Fortune 500 to Mom and Pop, small manufacturers and employers to city, county, state, and federal government offices and agencies.

As an independent agent/dealer for Kaeser and Blair, I have access to 3800+ suppliers, offering over 750,000 different products, and competitive prices through K & B's leadership position in this industry.

This 109-year-old, family owned and managed corporation sells through their dealers only. They don't compete with an in-house sales department.

Their dealerships are free, as they don't believe anyone should have to pay in order to sell for them.

No capital investment required.

No quotas. Work full or part-time at you option.

No territory to limit who or where you sell, anywhere in the US, online, offline, or both.

No order too large for K & B to handle the credit, billing, sales taxes, etc.

I don't know what products I'll sell tomorrow or even who the next order will come from, but I know my source for almost anything that can carry a customer's name and logo.

Dennis Bevers

Consider a K & B dealership for income for life!