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Thanks Tina for sharing your plans with us. Its a good plan.

Few pointers:

* There is no feedback loop. No one to tell you which products to create. No one to tell you if the product is coming out to be good - before it is all done. You can dramatically increase your products chances to succeed if you create a feedback system.

- Before you start creating your 2nd product, email the buyers of the first product and ask them what problems they face. (Don't ask them about what they want. Because they won't know what they want. Ask them what problems they want solved.)

- Pre-sell. Let your current buyers buy the 2nd product at a high discount. And then send them one chapter at a time. Collect feedback and get your writer to improve the product as it is being written.

- The affiliate program. Have it open from the day you start selling the product. Not afterwards. This way, a few of your buyers can start promoting your products to their friends right away.

- Create promotional tools people can use to promote you.

- Create a marketing plan on how to promote the products besides the forum sales. Focus on doing 2-3 marketing things. And doing them well. Don't jump from one marketing idea to the next.
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