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Default Frank Lloyd Wright

Dien, Gordon, and all moderators...

I hope this ok to post. I understand it's not really about business but I feel strongly about this as I have an affinity for structural art, especially when it comes to homes.

If for some reason you delete this post I understand and I obviously do not mind as I know that it does not really relate to what we talk about here.

But from the great group that we do have here, it seems to me that there has to be some that appreciate art in all its various forms so here goes...

The F.L.W. Conservancy has put up this petition to save a house that he had designed at the same time he was designing the Guggenheim Museum.

Apparently a developer bought the house and is planning on demolishing it so that he can build two "McMansions" in its place.

My thoughts were that, given the level of standards of some of us here at SowPub, there would be at least a few that would also like to sign the petition if you did not already know about it.

Thank you if you keep this post up and thanks to all who decide to sign the petition.

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