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John McTighe
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Default Zine 22?

Hi Folks:

A curious catalog ended up in my mail a few days ago. It was both strange and informative at the same time. Does anyone know anything about this publication the title of the catalog was simply Zine 22?

The cover of the catalog depicts a 15th century style ink drawing of a young woman feeding wildlife followed by elves or trolls brewing something up. It reminded me of wicca or cult-ish material I have seen somewhere before.

Inside, the catalog has relatively mainstream infomation on sources and publications you can purchase on topics like starting businesses, making home remedies and saving money. On the other hand, it also has I guess what you would call "underground" or alternative information on government, the IRS, religion, privacy and similar topics.

Mixed in the catalog were short articles on government cover-ups, network marketing and the effects of drugs on children.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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