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Default Nobody wakes up and thinks... __________

Originally Posted by GordonJ View Post
You KNOW. You've been there. In the chair where copywriting is THE essential thing, BECAUSE, the offers needed to be sold.

Ever since Copywriting has become a Biz-Op, it is, of course, hyped and hawked as THE most important skill to have. But I again assert, there are more products, more easily sold, because copy isn't necessary.

So, sure...selling newsletters, make money courses, Internet Marketing and all of that stuff, good copy is needed.

As an Entrepreneur, I have ALWAYS encouraged folks starting out to find buyers first, and I still don't understand why anyone would START their business or money making ventures with a harder, more difficult route to go.

Do you know why? Is it because good copy tells them they can?
Hi Gordon,

You're absolutely right! You don't need to know copywriting to make money by "chatteling"... (buying and selling pre-loved stuff...)

There, you're selling based mainly on the offer... They can buy something they already want from you, for a good price...

Writing a newsletter is different...

Someone I know who is the head of one of the Agora subsidiaries (where they mainly sell newsletters) - and who is himself an ace copywriter - said to me...

"Nobody wakes up in the morning and suddenly thinks... You know what I am missing in my life? I need another newsletter!"

If you're in the newsletter business... In most cases, you probably do need to write good copy... Because it's not something people necessarily feel they need... (You have to put that idea in their mind...)

I have no problem with this if they'll benefit from the newsletter!

(I've myself benefited from many, many newsletters over the years... and I'm currently a paying subscriber to a handful...)

Best wishes,

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