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Default Possibilities (ideas) need action and planning.

Originally Posted by Millard Grubb View Post

Your little surprise gift of hot dogs got me to thinking.

A solar oven seems like the perfect item for camping or survival. How may of the folks impacted by hurricane Ida would have appreciated a solar oven to boil/purify water or to cook meals without power?

Seems like a solar oven should be everywhere just for power outages. I read somewhere that they can even bake bread !

Seems like a special report would sell a lot of those.

Could a solar oven even sterilize silverware or other items?

Lot of possibilities. Hmmm ?

This idea: "Seems like a special report would sell a lot of those."

See, that is prevention. And it means planning. I'm sure you know the marketplace seldom plans, it reacts.

Tons of solar ovens on the market, the Fresnel lens is a hot seller, a boy scout with a magnifying glass and a mirror could "cook".

These things routinely sell to "preppers" or DIY types, but a special report to a general audience would fall on deaf ears. It simply is not targeted. Even in S. FL and the gulf states where hurricanes happen every year, most people never think that far ahead and plan for the emergency. Sad, but true.

In 21 years, we've seen a lot of good ideas, and I am of the opinion that the best ones are those that match the market to a message and create an Intersection where a transaction will take place.

Millions of skateboards, yet still, band aids outsell knee pads.

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