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Default Why was a cow at a Wisconsin McDonald's drive-through?

Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
Thanks Dien,

Tie Vote.

So I still do not know.

Ankesh article had Static - non moving finger.

But I like the moving finger too.'

The Only test that counts is when People Spend MONEY.

Guess We do that next.
Yes, you're right Glenn... That is the acid test!

People can vote, but you really know what they like when they fish the money out of their wallet (or type in their credit card or PayPal details)...

By the way, I always get a lot out of your posts!

One of the things which is so important about what you do is you highlight the importance of humor in "breaking the ice"... and achieving rapport. Not many people talk about that!

In fact, I remember reading advice to AVOID humor in sales... Which I don't agree with.

But - in most cases - I think it is good to stick to "non-offensive" humor...

(There are a few cases, though, where that would work, such as when you have a "common enemy"...)

Best wishes!


P.S. I've been saving up humorous news stories I come across... Here's an example...

In Wisconsin, someone drove a car through a McDonald's drive-through... with a cow in their back seat!

Maybe the cow was there to provide some fresh milk for the milkshakes?

If so... I'm impressed!

Wisconsin woman sees cow in the backseat of a car in McDonald’s drive-thru
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