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Michael Ross (Aust, Qld)
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Default Religion Is Fine... In Moderation

> Every religion that I know of promises that
> you'll
> live forever in pair of dice. If you're a
> good (insert name of favorite coven here).

Buddhism takes a slightly different tact... instead of promising eternal life for being good, it promises enlightenment (and thus no more rebirth into this hellish world of pain).

For those who lived in the birthplace of Buddhism - India - it would have been very appealing.

Nothing in their life - due to the class system in that country - and no hope for anything better. A retched life ofpoverty.

What better belief system to instill in these people than to convince them: The EGO is bad. Remove the ego to help attain enlightenment. Thus, do NOT want anything better than you already have because that is an ego thing. And letting your ego take ahold will not see you achieve enlightenment. Without enlightenment you will be reborn - over and over again - into your pathetic poverty stricken life of Pain and yuckiness.

So Buddhism is basically... live a good life without wanting anything more than you already have, and you will escape your poverty and painful existence.

And to counter all of these there is Satanism (not to be confused with Devil worship). The Satanist does NOT believe in any diety whatsoever (no God or Devil). And thinks when you die, that is it. There is nothing more. No rebirth. No pair of dice. Just nothing. The big undreaming sleep. Of course, they also believe you are responsible for yourself so it's not something the socialist left would find appealing :o)

As for the 72 virgins awaiting you being something in Is-lam. I must have missed that bit in my copy of the Quaran. I believe that is just media BS. Something to help the Christians think odd things about Moslems. To generate support for any actions taken against Moslems.

Further to this line...

The media oft sites "Moslem Extremists" or "Moslem Fundamentalists" as causing chaos and death.

How come they NEVER call the IRA "Christian Terrorists"? Hmmm.

Yes. Religion is fine... in moderation. It's an interesting subject to study too.

Study them all. Then take what you can use from each one and discard the rest.

Michael Ross

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